401k Rollovers

Have you recently changed jobs or retired? A Rollover IRA is often used to move funds that you've accumulated from your previous employer-sponsored retirement plan into a new IRA. We will help you evaluate your options to determine the best way to keep your hard-earned money working for you.

Top Reasons to Consider a Rollover IRA

  1. Reduce portfolio overlap. Having several accounts can have you holding many of the same securities in each account and leave your portfolio vastly under or overweight in one or more asset types.
  2. Leaving retirement assets in your former employer's plan limits your investment options to whatever that plan offers. Rollover IRAs may offer a broader choice of investment options.
  3. Rolling your assets into one IRA may reduce the costs associated with multiple accounts and keep better track of your overall retirement portfolio.
  4. May give you more estate planning flexibility. With an IRA, you can choose any beneficiary. In contrast, 401(k)s require spousal consent to name a non-spouse beneficiary.

If a 401k Rollover sounds like it could be a good solution for you, give one of our financial advisors a call today: 540.491.9883.